Replacing a Limestone Lintel 2

Lintels are load-bearing beams that are both functionally and ascetically important.  Watch as we replace this 150 year old lintel with a new but historically accurate substitute.

Clay Lamb

Clay Lamb

Clay Lamb is a Cincinnati Chimney Sweep contractor and the executive producer of the YouTube channel, podcast, and blog Ask the Chimney Sweep. He is also an award-winning educator and public speaker in the chimney and fireplace industry.….Educational Videos….Chimney products….American Chimney Cincinnati, OH
Clay Lamb


  1. Hi there,

    I am searching the web for general information on the cost of replacing this type of lintel in a 1923 brick colonial and am coming up empty. Will begin calling brick masons in the area, but saw your work in the video and was impressed. Would you be able to give me a rough cost range of this type of replacement you demonstrate? Contemplating putting an offer on a home with significantly cracked lintels that have been patched with mortar, but would ideally like to replace.

    Fingers crossed!

  2. askthechimneysweep

    WE would be apx $2,500 at todays pricing 2015!
    The scaffolding, mortar dye matching and brick removal and replacement, are rather demanding skill-sets.
    Also the price would be base on degree of difficulty as well as how many lintels were being replaced on the project. For those who are reading this the video this gentlemen is referencing can be fond here:
    Lintel Replacement


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