Ask The Chimney Sweep is now offering a business building (PODCAST) for Home Contractors 2

... So Darn Excited ! ! ! I’m just so darn excited, after receiving  over 2,000,000 (that’s Million) down loaded views on our Youtube channel .. *Ask The Chimney Sweep.  we are now  launch ing a podcast show called  *Home Contractors 

Please share this if your are or know of anyone thinking of starting their own business!

If you are not familiar with podcasting, I assure you that you will be soon! Podcasting is kind of like internet radio. Only you get to pick who you want to hear from, as well as when you want to hear them.

Home Contractors HQ podcast can now be heard on  iTunes , Google Play and Stitcher podcast phone app.<——( podcast-catchers)

Yes, I’m  Excited!


Home Contractor HQ is our new educational podcast show Join
Home Contractor HQ is our new educational podcast show
Join us Facebook in building an even bigger community at    www.Home
Helping SeHome Service Contractors build their own business
Helping Home repair Contractors build their own business’

Ask The Chimney Sweep” ….  is not going away ! 


For years service companies from all across the country have told me that they use our * Ask The Chimney Sweep videos, to train their own servicemen, as well as being a great a tool to email to their own customers to help explain, just what kind of repairs that they are recommending to be completed at their homes.

Our new educational training podcast is directed to help answer questions for new startup service companies, as well as hearing from hundreds of very seasoned contractors, that will be sharing their wisdom and experiences with the next generation of home repair service companies.

With thousands of visitors and subscribers * Ask The Chimney Sweep <——“is not going away !
With all of the wood-stove and gas fireplaces being used by millions through -out America, our blog and the Q & A section is exploding.

After 35 years of being a home contractor, starting business’ in 5 different states, as wellas  facilitating over 90 other  service companies in Master-mind groups, we now have I a huge amount of educational resources that are sure to help both the new Home Contractor, as well as home owners who want to know what to expect from their own home contractor.

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Clay Lamb                 … Educational  Videos                   … Coaching Podcast    … Chimney products

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Cincinnati Chimney Sweep, Clay Lamb owner of American Chimney Sweep. Executive Producer of Ask the Chimney Sweep Podcasts and YouTube channel.


Clay Lamb

Clay Lamb

Clay Lamb is a Cincinnati Chimney Sweep contractor and the executive producer of the YouTube channel, podcast, and blog Ask the Chimney Sweep. He is also an award-winning educator and public speaker in the chimney and fireplace industry.….Educational Videos….Chimney products….American Chimney Cincinnati, OH
Clay Lamb


  1. I just had my chimney cleaned…don;t use it much but was going to get gas insert…the company found multiple cracks ,crown water damage & spaces on outside of brick(30 y/o masonry fireplace).
    They gave me 2 estimates, one with manual sealing, the other with steel liner & all the other things that need to be done. Both jobs are warranted, steel for lifetime. The price difference is about $1500. 3,500-5,000.
    We loose power every so often like now in a storm & I want to have backup.
    There aren’t a lot of companies that fix chimeny’s here as it turns out, lots clean but major repair not so many. The first 2nd opinion i can get is 2 weeks out.
    Please advise which repair method is most safe & cost effective & whether it is wise to wait for second opinion.

    Haidee Reigel
  2. askthechimneysweep

    The good news is that today with the internet you can find other chimney repair contractors and validate their performance by reading their customer reviews online.
    Listen for the voice of the customer that is writing the review, is it Fluffy, Hostile or written from a solid viewpoint.
    Both suggested repair options are valid, and we provide both to our customers for differing situations. Please read the warranty condition of both recomendations! I don’t call this “The Fine” print I refer to it as the conditions of the warranty. I tell folks all of the time, you cannot just throw the warranty information it in the file drawer and hope that you will never need it. Just like in with most any other warranties, the product replacement, as well as the labor for a claim resolution may come from different parties (ie. the product manufacture or the original installer), as well as having differing lengths of time that the warranty coverers. To the best of my understanding a number of states define Lifetime warranty as only 7 years.
    Follow the link below. When ever possible I would suggest getting 2 or 3 opinions on recommended repairs

    “Burn safe and Warm”
    Clay Lamb
    You should be able to find a reputable Chimney Sweep contractors in your area by using this link to the;
    National Chimney Sweep Guild locator :
    Be sure and go online and read all of their customer reviews from Google, BBB and AngiesList.


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